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Master Plant Sciences

Research Master program

A high-level education in Plant Biology

Chercheuse à l'Inra de Versailles

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The Master Research in Plant Sciences is an excellent education based on a network of scientific institutes. The aim of this teaching is to understand the plant processes and mechanisms in a biotic and abiotic environment. This constitutes a major challenge worldwide for the future. 

During the master, the students gain theoretical and practical skills. At the end of the period, they are allowed to integrate a PhD program.

The program welcomes students with a strong background in biology, a good grounding in plant physiology or microbiology (as well as a passion for plants!).

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The program is composed by six two-week teaching units:

  • Signaling Mechanisms in Plants
  • Metabolic physiology
  • Pathogenesis and Symbiosis
  • Plant Cell Biology
  • Plants epigenetics
  • Genetics and Plant Breeding


A six-month internship is integrated into training. It may be executed in a partner’s laboratory and takes place in France or in a foreign country.

Career openings

The Master Research in Plant Sciences prepares the students for working in scientific research, higher education, research and development, scientific communication, science and technology watch.

At the end of the degree, the students are able to integrate a PhD program.

Doctoral Schools :